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FNX 45 factory threaded barrel

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I thought I read on here a few months ago that FN announced at shot show that they were going to offer factory 45 threaded barrels at some point. I just got an email back from them saying they have no plans on offering them as a single item. Kind of sucks!
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In my 2015 FN Catalog I have the standalone threaded barrel as Item #67206-11
I just looked at the catalog on line and saw the same thing. I don't know why they emailed me saying they had no plans on offering them. The guy probably had no idea what he was talking about. I'll have to call them.
After another email to FN customer service! I mentioned about FN saying at shot show they were going to offer threaded barrels I got a reply back. The guy said he asked around and was told they might start offering them in the fourth quarter of this year. There may be hope after all.
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I guess they will be available when they are available!
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