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I purchased my FNX roughly two months ago and have been having an issue that is steadily getting worse. The first range experience was that after 3-4 mags I noticed my groups going from roughly a half inch to inch spread at 7 yards to 2-3 inches (and more at farther ranges). At first I thought it was just me getting in a rush and getting sloppy. This was multiplied by the fact that I would take a minute to give it a quick cleaning at the range and it would go back to tight groups for a mag or two and then start again. After a couple more range visits I noticed it getting even worse. This last visit yesterday has completely destroyed all faith I have in carrying my FNX, something I have been doing everyday since I've owned it. The first mag through it ran flawlessly, a nice little single hole clover pattern. I then loaded up the second mag, this time a new brand of hollow points I bought to start carrying, and I was doing good to hit paper at 7 yards. Initially I thought maybe the pistol just didn't like this brand of hollow points, so I stripped the pistol down, gave it a quick cleaning, let the barrel cool down, reassembled and loaded a mag of standard 230g FMJ. The first couple shots were dead on, then rounds started flying all over the paper again.

My question is do any of you have any suggestions on what may be causing this? I honestly do not believe it to be myself causing the issue anymore. I will be placing a call to FN tomorrow, I was just looking for some suggestions on a possible reason/fix until I speak with them.

Also, the pistol has had roughly 400 rounds through it, a mix of winchester white box and federal (FMJ and HP.)
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