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FNX-45 High Power Caliber Conversions - Woods Defense Gun

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I am interested in the FNX platform for a woods defense gun. I have heard a lot of good things about the gun. I intend on using it for woods defense for 4 legged and 2 legged critters (Sasquatch).

I would like a round with more power than the 45 ACP. The 460 Rowland and the 40 Super conversions have caught my eye and I think it would be awesome if everything worked properly with this platform. I was really excited about everything until I made a phone call to EFK Fire Dragon today about one of their 40 Super Barrels.

The lady I spoke with on the phone told me that they don't have any 40 Super barrels in stock and that they rarely produce them because there is a very low demand for them and they end up sitting on the shelf for a year before they sell. They don't have any plans on making them anytime soon. She is keeping a list of people who are interested, so if you are interested give them a shout so we can get some made up.

I then started asking her about other options and asked if they ever made any 460 Rowland barrels and she said that they used to but they stopped. Why, I asked. She said because the round was really hard on their test guns and test shooters. It would crack the polymer frames and the shooters complained about the recoil.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't really see the gun kicking so bad that the recoil is unbearable. It's less power than a 44 mag with a comp - I would think it would be kinda mild; somewhere around a standard 45 acp maybe? Maybe they didn't have them setup with comps or buffers? Nevertheless this report scares me pretty badly that I would crack the FNX frame or cause some other damage. I was thinking about a conversion kit from 460 Rowland.com

I am also considering the Glock 20 in 10mm and the Glock 21 converted to 460 Rowland or 40 Super. There are a few cons with the Glock IMO though which make me like the FNX more: The glock has a worse trigger, lower capacity with the G21, and a huge grip.

I was wondering if anybody had any positive or negative experiences with such conversions?
Any other suggestions on conversions or other platforms which may be good for what I'm after?
Anybody know where I may be able to find a 40 Super barrel for sale?
If you do have this conversion, was it hard to get it to function reliably? What did you have to modify/do to get it to work properly? What ammo were you using?
Are the EFK barrels quality?

Any help is appreciated!
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If a bear gets within 17 yards of you before you can detect and get shots off then your problem isn't about any gun, it's about your tracking skills.
While I don't have my conversion yet, I get it after the July 4 holiday, the fnx is a super strong firearm and even guys running glock conversions are not having issues with wear and tear. The guys at 460rowland.com said they have 3 fnx 45s one with 2000 460 shot the others under that and there is no visible wear or reliability issues. They stated the fnx is probably the perfect firearm for this conversion. If one does have a issue and damage occurs I don't see FN being able to tell if a 460 conversion was done if one just removes the conversion and replace it with the original barrel and recoil spring. Not suggesting anyone lies to FN but you get my point. I don't see the fnx breaking with conversion.
As soon as I get mine in mail I will do a series of pics and vids of install and shooting it and be as detailed and thorough as I can. Eventually I will do ballistic testing series and a reloading series.
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BTW I do have a half dozen Bar-Sto 40 super barrels for glock 20, three 2 port, two 1 port and one 3 port for 250 plus ship, Bar-Sto still has em in stock to.
BTW I do have a half dozen Bar-Sto 40 super barrels for glock 20, three 2 port, two 1 port and one 3 port for 250 plus ship, Bar-Sto still has em in stock to.
Sorry, G21 not 20. And the reason I do not list in for sale section is because I'm not really interested in selling them but if someone in thread is interested no problem let me know.
Please do keep us informed Northfolk! I picked up a light weight 30-06 bolt gun (chickened out on the 375H&H) with 220gr for hiking but still can't stop thinking about a 10mm/41mag/460 sidearm. For now it's 45acp with buffalo bore 255gr +P. I still want the FNX but it doesn't make sense to me in 45 since I have that caliber pretty well covered from a collection standpoint.
Will do FN47! I'm quite anxious to get going on this.
30-06 is a great powerful long-range caliber that gets the job done. I have a Browning xbolt in 30-06 and while Ive taken white tails at 300yds and less with regular ease Ive hit 24" square plates at 1000+ at a range in SD and they still had some energy left. Some say it's a dead caliber for hunting but I disagree having shot numerous large calibers like 7mm rum, 300 mag and 338 mag. I would honestly say 270 and 30-06 are my favorite large game calibers.
And the 45 with +p ammo is a great woods gun especially if it holds 15+1!
Any 10mm with good ammo would work. I'm not a revolver guy but love the s&w 500 mag but its massive. If i wasn't doing the 460 rowland, of which i already have a rem r1 conversion, a glock 20 or 40 would be my woods choice.
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The TRP is a beautiful gun.
Another few weeks or so will have some updates on the 460 conversion.
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Why not just do a 45 Super conversion?
Being 45 super is similar to 45 auto +p i don't see the point of any 45 auto conversion unless going to 460 rowland.
45 auto +p 230g 1000fps 520 energy
45 super 230g 1100fps 600 energy
460R 230g 1400fps 1000 energy
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Welp, it's official. I ordered the FNX45 Tactical in FDE strait from 460Rowland. They say it'll ship in around 2-3 weeks, so a month from now I should be shooting the 255gr hard cast lead cartridges I bought for it. Finally ready to protect my family while hiking out west!! :LOL:
Damn! That's a good chunk of coin. I'm glad they said it's only a 2-3 week wait under current situation. I've been waiting on a AR Mutant going on 9 weeks now.
They have been nothing but helpful at 460rowland.com. Good people in OK.

I now have two full fnx 460 conversations, both standard, I don't do optics on handguns anyway. I do have a fnx 45 T but haven't shot it since 2016 much like my mark 57 and will probably sell/trade both soon. Got fnx on a trade in 2014 for a heavy White Oak AR15 I built and eventually hated.
Buddy has the tactical conversion with his trijicon but it takes a beating, not sure if any brand rmr could survive 460R longterm.
We are reloading 460 now at a good pace. He's pretty much mastered a great 230g load that matches Underwood's specs. We have about 5000 250 and 255 hardcast bullets but haven't began reloading them.
I just bought that standard 460 from a guy who emailed me after I put up a armslist ad to buy any 460 reloading items few weeks ago. He couldn't handle it after only a few mags through it and offered it to me for 1000 along with some ammo and 4 mags. Being in state I drove to him next day and grabbed it.
Point to that story is my unfired fnx 45 standard 460 is now for sale along with a ton of mags and ammo for 1500 cash or top tier ar/ak trade. MN only. Was just about to post it for sale here to but I'd rather keep it in state and I'm already getting offers and interest on armslist. Fibbed a little in ad about my new standard having 1000 rounds through it when it only has 50 but wanna give folks a sense that this is a reliable conversation, but buddys tactical conversion makes up for it as he's shot well over 2k in 460, 1k in Super and 5k in 45 auto no issues outside of failures early on with new reloads.


Enjoy! I'll be doing some photos and vids soon but just not enough time in the day right now. I haven't even shot any gun in over 2 weeks, that's a hella longtime for me.
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Absolutely that "ain't no .46" saying is dead.

I haven't seen a good .41mag for sale in 10 years.

The 255 hardcast bullet for 460 rowland is thee semi bear killer! I hunt in northern mn and nm and have never seen a bear closer then 200 yards. My main game with the 460 would be blm bears, particularly around parents home which is 7 blocks from burnt down 3rd precinct. Hogs absolutely! Hell deer wouldn't have a chance.

They got 460R nickel brass for the 230 grain and extreme penetrator. Not sure why they ain't using it for all loads.

I threw this math in my ad on armslist

"That's the package! A great semi-auto with .44 mag standard power! Actually this is the most powerful semi handgun in the world. Math proves it!
FNX45 15+1=16 × 1019lbs=16,304lbs vs
Desert Eagle with 300gr 7+1=8 × 1663lbs=13,304lbs
Glock 40 with 135gr 15+1=16 × 767lbs=12,272lbs
Only limp wristers wouldn't want this gun."

Can't wait to see that new fnx 460R!


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LOL a conjugal visit. Those waiting periods are nonsense. At least you got to hold her. Just pure eye candy no matter the color.
Edit-ok figured out how to upload full size pics.
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I've done a very poor job reporting how pleased I am with my FNX460 because I've been having far too much fun Shooting It! Zero failures of any kind so far and it hits my arthritic wrist no harder than hot Underwoods in my steel frame 10mm 1911
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Dito. Not enough time in day. I'll probably be doing most of my 460 shooting and reloading over winter, which is soon here! Will post pics and info whenever the hell I ever get more time. Would love to be unemployment and collecting 3k+mt I'd have a entire thread of 460 goodness up by now.

Question. Does your breach face have any visible marks of sanding? How many 460 rounds have you put it through it so far?

The first question is related to the two fnx45 conversions we have left after trading the third one that was for a third friend who backed out due to financial issues. My friend never sanded his, I did but instead of 600grit and then 1000 like 460r guys suggest I just used 800. Neither of us has had any issues other then the early reloads we did. Just curious if you could see any sanding marks on breach face when you got it back.
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