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I would like to see a long slide .45 as well, just from an aesthetics point of view. I like the tactical, but the threaded barrel jutting out is not a look I favor. I think the main reason we have seen a growth in long slide pistols coming to market is the rise of action shooting sports like IDPA and the benefits it offers in sight radius.

I have not seen many people shooting a .45 in the duty/stock classes unless it is single stack and in open it is usually full tilt race guns. I am far from expert on the various restrictions and different categories of action pistol competitions out there but I think an FNX 45 long slide may struggle to find a market.

It is an interesting idea, and something I would purchase, but I am an unrepentant FN fanboy. I will have to ask the reps at the SHOT show if there is a chance of anything along those lines forthcoming.
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