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Well I just picked up my first FNX-45. It is the most accurate handgun I have ever shot. More accurate than my Sig P210. Yah its that good. I like high end guns and this pistol at 1/3 the price of some of my other handguns out shoots every single one. I was really shocked. As far as a long slide version I would say 6.5" threaded barrel would be perfect as long as it is indeed a factory Long slide conversion. I want THAT factory accuracy. ALSO absolutely no gapping lightening cut holes in the slide. NONE. All those openings allow dirt and debris to get inside and make any firearm fail. APEX makes a long slide for the 509. anyone who carries a 509 with one of those slides is asking for trouble. Only a safe queen cleaned every time its shot and put instantly back in the safe should buy one of those long slides. As far as the FNX-45....... thank you FN! Thank you.
I carry the Apex 509 LS. It's completely modded out, trigger, Stryker ect. Everyone has an aversion to carrying modified weapons for some reason. I don't know how you treat your weapons, but mine stays on my person not in the mud. I also shoot weekly with my 509 and perform regular maintenance. Why not carry the gun you are most proficient with?
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