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Hi everyone, first post here. I've never owned an FN anything before, so I am unfamiliar with the brand. I'm not much of a semi-auto shooter, more of a revolver guy, but I like them all. Currently my only 45 ACP is a SIG P220, which has so far given me about 5000 rounds of zero trouble. I love the gun, but I'm always looking for the next one, and in this case the FNX 45 has really caught my eye. I'm very much a fan of SA/DA, although I prefer decocker only. For this reason, I have no discounted a used FNP, but new FNX's are not too much money, and I am seeing that I can put in an FNP firing control group into an FNX.

Looking at both the FNP and FNX, I'm wondering about specifics for the pistols. I am unfamiliar with the brand, and one thing I'm finding with SIG is that they are often proprietary for no good reason. Simple springs are bizarre triple wound things. What should be roll pins are crazy wrapped pins or even a pin inside of a pin. Any particular year can have a number of different parts, and so on. I'm looking to avoid this. I realize anything breaks, but I'm talking wear parts like pins, springs, extractors, or something along those lines. So my question is does FN have strange parts like this that might become obsolete in 10 years?

My next two questions relates to using these as target guns. My first question is about cycling light loads. My standard load is a 200gr bullet going about 725 fps. Do these pistols cycle these lighter loads as-is? I already see there are lighter recoil springs available if it doesn't. My other question is about sights. I want good target sights. The rear does not necessarily have to be elevation adjustable, but I need to be able to sight my pistol in to my loads. I hate 3-dot sights, and I will only shoot with a fully black rear sight. My preference is for a fully adjustable rear, which I am having troubles finding. This is my biggest concern for this pistol. Is there an adjustable rear sight for these? Is the dovetail size shared with any other brand of pistol?
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