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FNX-45 Tactical, for HUNTING!

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Hey everyone, I already own a FNS40 for EDC, and home defense.

I guess, I really like the handgun hunting sport. I want a pistol that I can mount a Trijicon RMR to. The FNX45 fits this perfectly! Is the 45ACP really a good hunting round? Ive taken shots with my .40S&W at 75 and 100 yards at a deer decoy with good results. Im worried the 45ACP, will not have a fla trejectory. What do youguys think?
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Yes, but the FNX 45 is more practical. I dont really want a big revolver. And 800-900FPS is plenty. Although im pretty sure there are some lighter loads like 185Gr +P moving upwards of 1100fps.
Ok, let me see if this maKES MORE SENSE.Since I have a FNS40, I can use my EFK 4.5" ported 357SIG barrel, and install a RMR on my FNS40. Would this be ideal Deer hunting pistol?FNS-40 W/ Ported 4.5" EFK 357SiG barrelTrijicon RMR reddot mounted.

ive seen several pistols with a Rmr mounted. Does my FNS need machine, or holes drilled in the slide for this ? How can I mount it on the slide without a top rail?
How is the FNX 45 more practical than a 357 or 44 revolver for hunting deer?
Well I feel the FNX is more practical because, it holds 15+1 rounds, it has a 5.3" barrel so with 185 or 200+P loads movin at 1200fps, and 600lbs energy in a 45ACP. This just seems like a deer stopping round.

Shooting a 185+P Ammo in a 5.3" barrel will shoot as fast as a 357magnum, but with a heavier grain bullet. And with a RMR, you should be able to get some pretty good groups. Plus, you have a suppressor ready gun. I could use the FNX in every situation, EDC, home defense, or hunting.

Alot of target 45ACP ammo moves 800fps with 350lbs pounds of energy, in a 230 gr bullet.

But in todays time, 200Gr +P or185GR moves and performs like a 10MM. Which is a hunting round.

So, if my future 45 FNX tactical with a RMR, and a 5.3" barrel is even moving over 1,000 or 1,100 fps with some hott 200GR ammo! And it holds 16 rounds, im going to hunt with that!
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I guess what I am getting at is, this is a great all around weapon the FNX Tactical. I just recently purchased a FNH FNAR 7.62x51. So, this is not my only option to hunt with. I just like the challenge of hunting with a pistol using iron sights, or a red dot Rmr etc. etc.It is LEGAL to hunt deer with a .22LR in my state, and alot of people do it. Usually, 50 and 100+ yards. Aiming for the head in most cases. But, at 100 yards a .22LR has a little more than 100lbs of energy. But with a 45ACP using the right ammo, you would be at roughly. 400lbs energy at 100 yards. And again all of this is in relation to, very good marksman skills. Shot placement. And the correct ammo!I just see so many guys and girls, published in "Guns magazine" hunting and killing 350lbs wild bore with a , .40, or a .45, and a 10mm. With great success
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The Hornady index of terminal standards on line calculator is great for tool. HITS calculator - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc

45ACP, 40S&W, .357SIG, 9mm are suitable for game weighing less than 50 lbs. Taking larger games is possible but unethical.
When I used this calculator I got 501-900 = Medium game, using calculations of Buffalo Bore 255+P, 45ACP ammo.
I would rather go with a Wilson combat in 10MM, or like a Dan Wesson 1911 in 10mm. With a 6" barrel of course. The more velocity the better. Or a CZ Hunter in 10mm.

Its just, there is a video on youtube and the guy shoots a antelope at 132 yards, with a 357 Magnum, Taurus revolver. Using iron sights. It blew right threw it! And ran about 50 yards.

Now this same 357 Magnum, is similiar to my 357Sig barrel in my fns40, and 357SIG is weakers on H.I.T.S than my .40 bullets..357SIG is just like a 357 Magnum.So, why does this not work great? Here it is below everyone, it was a clean kill. And I myself have been practicing clean shots. But I CALL HORADY H.I.T.S TOTAL BS, I guess my FNS40 is no good, and apparently only good for defending my self on kids that weight less than 50 lbs, pounds. I guess if you have a .22 pistol, these are recommended in self defense situations that involve mice. Maybe I am crazy, maybe not. But at 100 yards my..40 goes through 6" inches of fresh solid 6x6 wood, and keeps on flying. At 100 yards it will also go straight through 18 inches of ballistic gel using a 200Gr Buffalo bore. The round is devastating! You cannot shoot a 50lbs pig with it, it cleans his insides out and leaves the back end, exit side hollow! So I just assumed this would be safe round for a deer. Considering what it does to smaller game.

I do believe in clean kills 100%. But, I have also tested this round my self on ballistics, wild bore small bore.. Random objects, clothing, cars, tress, propane tanks. Everything but a deer! And im onl shooting at 60, 75, and ,100 yards. And I cannot find a reason not to use this round.

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Hey everyone, since the starting of this thread there has been alot of question to the effectiveness of a .45 ACP, for the use of deer hunting.

As some of us know, the FNH FNX-45, and Tactical variant, have a really heavy recoil spring. I have recently obtained a FNX 45 Tactical in black. Using Buffalo Bore 255gr SUPER loads, me and my buddy have chronographed a average of 1131 FPS using the .45 SUPER 255GR LOADS. This ammunition, at these speeds does push the HORNADY H.I.T.S scale to a whopping "516"

These loads are 255 grains, and moving 1100fps, with 700 lbs pounds of energy.

Ballistic wise, this is very comparable to a 10mm load, and more powerful than some 10mm ammo.

The end result, is a very bone crushing round. I expect great performance even up to 150 yards.

My buddy recently took a 4 yr old buck at roughly 80 yards with this load, the animal was down after only 30 yards of running. The shot placement was excellent, breaking one shoulder, and blowing out the other side. The .45 SUPER is phenomenal performance. Hope this helps, im sure other loads are fine as well.

Please be aware of your hunting laws, and weapon use.
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