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FNX-45 Tactical, for HUNTING!

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Hey everyone, I already own a FNS40 for EDC, and home defense.

I guess, I really like the handgun hunting sport. I want a pistol that I can mount a Trijicon RMR to. The FNX45 fits this perfectly! Is the 45ACP really a good hunting round? Ive taken shots with my .40S&W at 75 and 100 yards at a deer decoy with good results. Im worried the 45ACP, will not have a fla trejectory. What do youguys think?
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If it's close enough, sure (like 25 yards max). Not sure on where you are, but a lot states have magazine restrictions while hunting (5 rounds here for instance, so 5+1).

A 357 magnum or maybe full powered 10 mm is the smallest I'd go personally and I'd still keep shots 30 yards or under.
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i had a friend who used a .357 who claims to have unloaded and hit all 6 times and the deer kept running
And I know a guy who has killed at least a dozen deer with a 357 magnum with one shot. You need to know your limits.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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