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Dear 8 lb 6 oz Baby Jesus, these FNX 45 tactical mag obstructions on the multiple 45tac pistols are giving me a large sad face. :sad:

I must confess, Obummer and his lovely administration scared me badly of a Hi-cap 2013 restriction.

I must also confess, 15 rounds of 230grain goodness made Evil himself take my precious little fingers dial the FFL and order 4 of these FNX45tacs and eat Ramen noodles for months.
Funds gathered...FNX 45 tacs came...
Such a beloved FNX 45ACP target shooter it is, trigger so nice.

Oh', I try so hard to not listen the the Hk voices....

They keep telling me to just come to the HK side......"Come to the HK side" (We have a 45 ACP tactical too)...

"Speed is what you need", " We have all the speed you need"..."Come hold the HK, go ahead, it's o.k., touch it"...

"Don't worry about the 15rds".

"No STD blem warts inside the barrel", "no drooping polymer rail",..."No mag loading obstructions"...


Why can't these FNX purchases be as nice and easy as the scar series are?

Rant over (Apology). Amen



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...noticed my 2 week old FNX 45 SS has the same thing. Will forcing the mag in with the minor resistance cause any damage to the gun?
I do see that it is putting dig marks (damage) on the front side and front corners of the magazine body with each hard stoppage.
Honestly, it only catches and snags when the mag is inserted with the front pressure more forward and outside to our body.

Try test loading/inserting the mag from the left hand too.
The obstruction IS ambidextrous.

I loaded the mag on the HK45 with massive pressure in all directions and their design thankfully does not have the problem.
The HK45 current model has also been out on the market for far more than a year in consumer tested hands.
If I can get this mag problem sorted out, this pistol would have a massive obsession and a good future resale when the next best thing comes out in a decade from now.

The most embarrassing thing is when I've talked about how badass this FNX45tac is, and a fellow shooter tinkers with it, looking at me like I'm full of it.
The trigger, grip, capacity and most everything else is really really nice.

I just feel like I got the first generation run of this FNX45tac.
I'd bet my whole collection, that they revise their manufacturing sometime on these quirks.
There are too many people having small complaints about a few things.
The FNX45 tac will be a monster in the next production makeover.

I am confident, as I saw manufacturers do this with way too many of my firearms, cars and bikes or ATVs or RC models.
The first year of production always is rushed with Manufacturing/QC and not enough Real People Q-Control.

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I had to do it!
After strolling around the counter of a huge store's selection, I wanted to see if the FNX 45 tac that was sitting on the shelf has and blems in the barrel or the infamous mag insertion problem.
I posed as a perspective buyer and had the employee take it out for me.
After some ooh's and ahh's, I said "why does this mag stick and hang up"?
He tried and it stuck for him too!
I just had to do it!
-One, to see if they fixed it in production yet.
-Two, to see his face as I said "what's up w/ your FNX man"...that's not good, eh'!??

This is still one of the favs in the collection, but it is embarrassing when I have fellow enthusiasts come over that give me "the look" when it hangs up.
I'll send it in someday, but got customer service smoke blown up my rear about how he did not think so when I called.

It's about time to send em' in for the job.
Last I heard, they submitted and fixed the issue on that sharp edge that the mags run into.

Enjoy the new year.

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Over the years I have worked for a couple of manufacturers that would not admit to any product having a problem but would try and fix it quietly. IMO that is what FN is doing in this case.
First, I love the top shelf products from FNH and want to make that clear.

Can I ask for an easy button (webpage link) to the success of the process of sending in a FNX45 Tac to FNH repair?
I noticed that the FNX tac Barrel blem has been fixed in production, as it looks like everyone is getting good barrels lately.
The first FNX45 Tac models were coming with such a blem and it was uncalled for or overseen.
I will not accept the excuse of "does it change any accuracy".
-The blem should have never been there and is not present on any models I have ever seen on any barrel I have inspected period.

The rough edge on the mag release from the inside seems to be the culprit (easy to see with just the lower assembly and mag).
I will contact the FNH service this January and see if the smoke cleared or if there is more to blow.

I wish for two corrections.
-new, replacement blemish free barrel.
-a smooth magazine insertion with no restrictions from any angle, just like HK and the others.

Even if a trained hand can slide a mag in just perfect, ...What about the friend who is just learning to shoot?
-I can't stand the fact that a favorite top shelf item gets looks and raised eyebrows as the mag stops and hangs up.
...it's just plain embarrassing.

I do very much like FNH, I would just like some corrections.

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After thought Q&A.

Can any member of the forum provide evidence that their new FNX45 Tac does not have the magazine catching issue?
It would be a great step in the corrective action area.
Thank you in advance.

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Mine do not, guess I got lucky
Even with the mag "not perfectly in-line w/ the magwell"?
The straight shot works for sure, but with the pistol mag aiming slightly forward and to the right.
-or basically the mag's upper metal sliding gently toward the front right of the magwell.

It surely hits the hard flat face of the mag release, which forces the reinsertion and slight direction change "just like a robot Roomba carpet vacuum".
-(Robot voice) "go, hit blockage....stop, access, blockage occurred, realign,....proceed movement....

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I'm starting to second guess my purchase too. Held an hk45 at my local gun shop and no issues with the magazines or mag release. Oh well, guess I'll save up for the hk and have both.
The HK45 magazine insertion can be downright mangled in angle and still go right in..

The FNX grip easily sticks in the hand like an old 1980's bristle block toy though (that's good).

Get both.

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