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FNX 45 Tactical Mag Seating/Catching Issue

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I just took my brand new fnx 45 tactical to the range and fired 10 mags through it. After I drop the spent magazine and go to insert a new magazine it seems to hang up about 3/4 of the way in on something in the mag well, the best I can tell it looks like the spring for the hammer protrudes into the mag well and sometimes the rear lip of the mag will get stuck on it. If i drop the mag and try to re-seat it a few times it will eventually go in.

It does not happen 100% of the time, I was able to reproduce it with an empty mag about 20% of the time. Has anyone experienced this and/or have a solution?
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I just purchased my FNX.45 TODAY as well. Cleaned, lubed and went for some mag practice... WHAM! Stopped dead in its tracks, mine is hanging up on the actual MAG=RELEASE I believe, I need to have the base of the mag pushed toward the front of the gun so the top and RELEASE-EXTENSION of the mag can skim by the release, this is absolutely unacceptable! Also I have more than a few scratches on the barrel and on the top of the chamber by .45 ACP. These are all things FNH has to fix for me as a new gun right? I love the gun but bad start. :evil: (First post also, Hi everyone! :mrgreen:)
Is that the improvement over the FNP line that FN mentions on their website? :p
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