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Called this morning and got a nice fella on the phone, 5-week turn around right now... Told me they all do it to a certain extreme, they made the edges on the mag release notch longer in case, "the gun fell out of a helicopter, ya know." :lol: Anyway, said empty the mag and instead of holding the mag and sliding in to go around the release, jam it in pushing the top of the mag forward so it hits the release it'll shim itself out and if I break anything doing that it's warranty. I have since loaded and unloaded 1 mag forcefully into the well and the brick wall has stopped, I feel a catch but it no longer stops... What an easy fix, just be rough with you FN, it'll take it. Doing this with my other mags now.
So when you jam it in there are you bending the corner of the magazine or are you rounding off the corner of the mag release inside the well?
1 - 1 of 95 Posts
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