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FNX 45 Tactical Trigger job MK3 Firearms

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Anyone have any experience or know anything about the guys and the work
at MK3 Firearms in Vegas? I checked out their site and read some reviews, but I am considering having the trigger on my new purchase cleaned up a little bit. I have read all the posts on here about folks opinions of having a trigger job done on this beauty, and I'm still considering it. Looking to see if any fellow FN fans have any input. Thank you in advance.
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Funny that his video shows a marked improvement. Regardless of that, he's no longer doing this work in lieu of BHPs that for some reason are keeping him busy. While I shot the BHP well, it's trigger seems like a limiting factor. Now looks like a minor fortune to get work done that I may just wait to see what the Springfield, EAA and FN versions look and feel like compared to my Belgian version. Please let me know if a new smith comes up to work on the FNX 45, thank you!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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