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FNX-45 TACTICAL with holosun 509t

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Hey guys, so I picked up a holosun 509T a while back wanting to get it put on my CZ but turns out my CZ slide was too thin. So I just got a fnx-45 tactical in black today and threw the holosun 509t on it. Had to use the RMR adapter included with the gun and the special proprietary plate for the 509T so it sits a little higher then normal but man I love the fit and the look. Part of me wishes I could mount direct to the slide but it would really only save a small amount. Not sure why people complain about carrying it either, I have it in a bedder IWB and it's comfortable at 3pm, don't mind my ****ty stomach tattoo I got when I was 17 lol.
Anyway, here's a few pictures.
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Welcome to the forum. Glad to see that bad boy in Condition One! My condolences on the tattoo :D is that just the normal Vedder or a model specific to red dot?

Edit: highly recommend a proper gun belt. I like Kore for the ratchet fixture (let out a click or two after dinner), both the dress and Tac
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