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FNX 45 with DPM Systems Recoil Reduction System report

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DPM Recoil Reduction System - Shipping World-Wide

So I installed my new triple-recoil spring assembly from DPM Systems in my FNX 45.

Last night I took it to the range to see if it made a difference. The FNX was always a soft shooter, so I was skeptical it would help at all.

Boy was I wrong. It made a HUGE difference!!!! My FNX now feels like a less-flippy 9mm. Everyone should get one of these! Just make sure you work the slide a bunch of times and leave it locked back overnight before using it the first time, so the springs are loosened up.

Also, the system is designed to reduce wear and tear on your gun, so it will extend the life of your pistol.
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Has anybody tried these using a suppressor??
Just got two in the mail for my FNP 45 Tac and USG. Installed but won't shoot them till Friday. I'll shoot suppressed and unsuppressed and with the two springs and report back.
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Range report :

Took both my FNP Tactical and FNP USG to the range Friday and today. Ran 250 rounds through the two guns, with and without the new springs/guiderods. Both worked great, a few hangups in my tactical out of the first 2-3 magazines but none after that.....I'm calling it a break in period because after that it ran flawlessly. Comparing the with and without the new springs installed, I really believe I was getting back on target quicker with the new springs. If they reduce felt recoil it would be no more than 20% but it was noticeable. Accuracy was the same, excellent as usual.

Suppressed shooting, everything functioned fine. Again part of the initial rounds that jammed in the tactical were suppressed but that went away after 30 or so rounds. Probably put close to another 100 through it suppressed without any failures. Between the two different guns both worked great with the suppressor attached, between the two fired close to 200 rounds suppressed.

All in all I'd say these new springs work well, only time will tell how long they hold up. Forgot mention but I was strictly using the silver springs, never even tried the gold ones. Also, was shooting Tula 230gr steel cased ammo so not exactly high power ammo.
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When I looked, I didn't see a gold/silver option. Am I missing something?
I won't be ordering until I get back from a month long trip to hell.
The FNP 45 kits I received each had two springs included, one gold and one silver. The gold one is supposed to be for lighter loads and the silver for more full power loads. I believe this is the norm for the replacement kits, you get one of each per kit.
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