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FNX 45 with DPM Systems Recoil Reduction System report

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DPM Recoil Reduction System - Shipping World-Wide

So I installed my new triple-recoil spring assembly from DPM Systems in my FNX 45.

Last night I took it to the range to see if it made a difference. The FNX was always a soft shooter, so I was skeptical it would help at all.

Boy was I wrong. It made a HUGE difference!!!! My FNX now feels like a less-flippy 9mm. Everyone should get one of these! Just make sure you work the slide a bunch of times and leave it locked back overnight before using it the first time, so the springs are loosened up.

Also, the system is designed to reduce wear and tear on your gun, so it will extend the life of your pistol.
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I just got mine in but haven't fired it yet. First I put in the heavier silver spring since the instructions say use it for .40/.45 but slapped in the gold and it just feels better/smoother. I will try both at the range and try to detail my experience. I'm convinced this spring is affecting the recoil of the firearm just by racking the slide back.
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