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I added a new FN to my collection, an FNX-9. Unfortunately I'm in California, so I was limited to the 10 round mags. I took it out to shoot for the second time last weekend, and everything was going fine. That is, until I had a failure to feed. I dropped the mag and found that the follower had gotten stuck about half way up the mag after about 4 rounds. I removed the remaining rounds and tried tapping the mag in various directions to no avail. I then disassembled and reassembled the mag and everything functioned fine. If I had to make an educated guess, I'd say the follower got caught up on the grooves in the side of the magazine. I was wondering if anyone else had any issues like this, or insight into why it may have happened. After that trip I've put about 200 rounds through the pistol, using all three supplied magazines that came with it. This was only a one time issue, but if there's some simple fix I'm not aware of it would be great to learn! Thanks for any help or insight on this matter!
For those of you in free states, here are some comparison pictures so you can reference the grooves I'm talking about:
17 Round:

10 Round:
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