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FNX Tac range report

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The only reason I'm posting is because of the fact that my early production tac was less than stellar. (FDE if you care:wink:)

I picked up a black one about 10 months ago. My first outing was without drama. Ran a couple hundred rounds of mostly cheap stuff without a problem. None of it was suppressed.
Today I took it out with the Osprey45. Put about 250 rounds suppressed down range, again drama free. Accurate, ergonomic and now reliable. It's earned a place in my permanent collection.

I am striker fire guy, but I really do dig the trigger on this. It's a joy to shoot.
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Good to hear it's running well for your. I love mine, especially with the Osprey on it.
I own a more recent model black 45t . I'm glad some one is accurate with it. It's s nice pistol, but that trigger is a rough.
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