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FNX tact frame warping and wear

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I looked at my frame the other day and noticed that there seems to be some significant polymer guide wear and the frame on the back side seems to be slightly warped. Do any of you guys see this kind of wear or warping. I am losing faith in FN pistols polymer quality pretty quickly

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mags *sometimes* drop free. I am using fnx mags in fnx . I have no idea how it is contacting either. Warping is hard to show but if you run your finger across that edge you can feel it dip and then come back
admittedly I am pretty noob but that looks like someone tried really hard to jam the wrong mag in or maybe backwards. Drunken buddy maybe???
I am the only one that has handled the firearm. I have never inserted the mag backwards. I have also never slammed the mag home, this is from casually inserting and removing the mag
How about your mags, could one of them on the round count holes be slightly convex instead of the norm being slightly concave? They line up exactly on the ribs where yours is tore up.
I micd the mags and they are straight and the same size. you can see though that contact is made when the mags are inserted. The polymer wear is like the mags rock back into that area when fired
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I also noticed after feeling the ridges that the polymers is stronger and not tapered vs the part that is damages. Almost like the seam is two different constructions
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With that I can see how it could happen with the mag starting in with the bottom of the mag a little bit foreword before it squares itself up. That's why the damage is only at the very bottom of the mag-well, that's just ware due to your form of mag changes. Looks as if you should be quite efficient at a speed reload. :?
Haha I was thinking the same thing Speed well! I am more concerned about the frame warp then the wear on the rails to be honest. I dont want the frame to self destruct on itself
I checked both of my 45 tacs, one unfired, and they both have a small dimple the same place. It's a birth mark ! :lol: :)
Thanks guess that is normal then
Yes I am the original owner and no modification was made to the firearm. the polymer simply wore itself out either by mag insertions or firing. I may have inserted mags not 90deg but never manhandled them. the gun still works but I have had a few malfunctions (could be my reloads underpowered) I enjoy the gun but dont trust it 100% and would not use it for SD
It looks like the wear in the pics on the mags are where they are first inserted into the magwell. I doubt any wear is coming during firing.
Any way you look at it, kinda disappointing. The polymer may just be a little soft on your mold. I think the fde polymer mold process could be a little softer than black when its done curing at the factory. I only work with paints but I can tell you there is a big difference in how they perform based on which color is used for which job. I can oly assume plastics in some regards to color would be similar. Sorry bro, I thought my lower polymer in fde felt a little squishy when I first got it. I have mostly all fde guns and was keeping the theme going but only other polymer is a SCAR17. I havent had any issues and I used my FNX45T as a pillow mate to protect my family. I trust it, but I'm also problem free thus far. Contact FN and see what they say....? Best of luck bud-
So as I read you correctly your FDE tact does not exhibit this issue? I sent FN a message via facebook as I can attach photos to show them . We will see what they have to say. If nothing else I will call customer service it just irks me to have to send 2 pistols in within a week of each other
For anyone who has sent back for repair a FNX or similar what do I need to include when I ship the firearm back. I spoke with CS on the phone and they said to just send it in as the rail wear should not be excessive
If they tell you to return it, they will mail (or email) a special shipping label with instructions.
No shipping is on your dime with returns to FN
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