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FNX tact frame warping and wear

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I looked at my frame the other day and noticed that there seems to be some significant polymer guide wear and the frame on the back side seems to be slightly warped. Do any of you guys see this kind of wear or warping. I am losing faith in FN pistols polymer quality pretty quickly

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Maybe you should start buying Glocks. :biggrin:
If they tell you to return it, they will mail (or email) a special shipping label with instructions.
That stopped a few years ago.
Hmmmmm.... OK. Guess I didn't know that. My bad.
Yep, one of the reasons that Browning took over the warranty/service work was because when run by FN the guns got return shipping labels and the majority of the returned guns had nothing wrong with them other than operator error.

FN let the Service Manager go and Browning started running the show and saving all that money. :p
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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