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Any word on when these are gonna hit the shelves????? :mad:
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Not a specific date. Shortly though (my guess would be within the next month or two).
Yeah, I'm drooling over the fnx-9 and can't wait to check one out.
Just spoke with FNH USA. The FNX will be shipping mid April.
Can't wait that long so buying FNP9 today. :?
belgianbeast said:
so who has shot an FNX-9 yet?
on of the locals who toured the plant said he was able to shoot it. Probably a few threads back
CountryBoy said:
Probably a few threads back
Or pages. I'll see if I can locate it, but he liked both of them (40 and 9).
I had an opportunity to reply from Tim Pearce from FNH USA, and said the FNX line will release in mid-april. Price will be closer (or over in some areas) to 600$ Pretty jazzed, couldnt wait though, and got an FNP :p
I just spoke with an FNH Representative yesterday afternoon while at a "Gander Mountain Gun Show" in West Palm Beach, Florida. He stated the FNX would be trickling out slowly over the next few weeks.

He also commented "...the guns are awesome!".

Having been a newbie to FNH as of this past year and this forum within the past month, I now can't wait for the FNX.
Just ordered one from Gallery of Guns, first time buying from them. Hopefully it will get to my FFL soon.
Received a "stock watch" notification from Davidson's today in my email.

The Gun Genie does not show it as in stock however.

I guess it won't be long now though.

BTW, they are showing a list price of just over $703.
I'm sending an email to my dealer to see if they got any. I was already given a price of $600.
After I ordered, i went back in to check for a stainless one and noticed they were all gone. That was only 30min after i made the purchase. Don't know how much they had in stock.
ainokea said:
Just ordered one from Gallery of Guns, first time buying from them. Hopefully it will get to my FFL soon.
I bought my FNP9 from them great service, i too got the stock notification just as i was checking my email it arrived in my inbox i went to the site and saw there were 8 in stock and 15 minutes later they were out of stock . :-(
very exciting. while the FNP is an amazing pistol, i feel that FN will advertise the FNX more, putting them more in the mainstream market. i really hope this is the case. For aftermarket sakes, and advancement opportunities. Just think: in a year or two, FN Herstal could be making 1911's! :grin: ..... Pipe dreams. oh well.
id really like to get an FNX 9 for my dad, i got a FNP45, i just hope that the holster companies will step up and get some good holsters out there, but i'm sure Blade-Tech and Raven will and as far as i'm concerned they both are bad ass. i just got my BTI and it's flawless, eventually i'm gonna get a Raven Phantom with the tact light provision, but that wont be for awhile.
Here are some pictures compared to my FNP. Sorry for the bad quality. Hopefully I can get a video up soon.

Here are just the frames side by side.

This is the internals FNX is on the left FNP on the right.

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Jealous! :mad:

Internals look pretty much the same. Also looks like you can get a slightly higher grip on the FNX :shock:
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