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fnx45t - carry with suppressor

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any practical gear to carry the fnx45t with the suppressor attached?
i'm thinking about carrying it in the woods. concealment is not a requirement.
"tactical" thigh holster could work. maybe a custom designed kydex? but it'd be like taking a golf club out of a bag.
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If I'm hunting legally in my state with a concealed firearm the last thing I'm going to worry about is a suppresser, back in about 95 we had a serial killer targeting hunters, and a friend of mine Jamie Paxton was killed while walking out of the woods after archery hunting and was killed by this psychopath only to be know later that he lie in wait for me and two of my friends after fishing in a strip pit in the same area as we saw his vehicle sitting behind are vehicle down on the dirt road, we waited till dark till it left before going down to leave. After this experience it forever changed my way of thinking. If I take a shot, it will be a good shot, I do not in any way need to conceal my position. John Hinkley killed his M,F, self in prison, to FN bad. hope it didn't hurt to bad ! :th_sign0150: MYRIP
That...is...by far one of the wildest recounts I have read on here. Sorry to hear about your friend.
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