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fnx45t - carry with suppressor

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any practical gear to carry the fnx45t with the suppressor attached?
i'm thinking about carrying it in the woods. concealment is not a requirement.
"tactical" thigh holster could work. maybe a custom designed kydex? but it'd be like taking a golf club out of a bag.
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I hate leg mounted anything. Thats a lot of mass when you have to run jump dive or climb, also hard to get access when you side prone injured laying ontop of it. id go sideways chest mount.
You're not going to be able to carry a suppressed pistol on your chest... unless you want to lose much use of one of your arms.
Myg21 is sideways on my plate carrier. How long is your suppressor?
I have an Osprey 45. Adds 8". You might be able to do something vertical or something like the safari chest holster, but not horizontal.

The only pistol I carry suppressed is my M&P 22 with my Sparrow. Modded a kydex belt holster to allow the suppressor to fit through, but I still can't sit down with the suppressor attached.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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