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FNX45T: Hammer Down, Safety On Trigger Click FIXED

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So having owned my FNX 45 Tactical for years and appreciating it immensely, it developed a NEW trigger click that I've not seen covered anywhere.

We're all familiar with the "hammer cocked, safety disengaged, 1st millimeter of trigger travel trigger click" that's been much discussed and understood to be part of the architecture of the FCG, and not a flaw--regardless of how it may annoy some operators.

My FNX 45 Tactical developed a click in the trigger with the hammer down, safety on, upon cycling the trigger through it's range of travel.

Turns out it was the trigger return coil spring being ever so slightly out of place, after me having DROPPED the damned gun onto a hard wood floor. This was not seen upon visual inspection, but I discovered it after close observation whilst cycling the trigger with hammer down, safety on. A slight push on the base on the spring, using a small gunsmith screwdriver, has resolved the problem.

Just wanted to pass this on. That is all...
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Thanks for sharing. I have not observed any clicks with mine but great to know.
You're welocme.
Seems unlikely it'll come up as it appears to be a very event-specific thing, but now the information is out for any who run into this issue.
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