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Hey guys I just bought my first FN pistol and I like it but I have a couple concerns, things I don't know whether or not are normal for the pistol, or if I got a lemon.
1. When the hammer is cocked and in single action, when I engage, and then disengage the safety, there is a slight click at the very start of the trigger pull, it also happens if I release the slide slower than normal. So basically the trigger clicks at the start of the pull, only on single action.
2. There is a slight curve in the Picatinny rail section at the front of the pistol, so when I attach a light, it slightly points upwards. I looked at a picture of an fnx on the FN websight and it looked like it was curved a slight amount in the picture also.
I would really appreciate if someone could get back in to me and let me know if I'm over looking into it, or if I should have FN take a look.
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