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Just posting to share my excitement. I own a SCAR17S. i recently added to the FN collection by purchasing a fnx9. i got it yesterday and took it to the range. 170 rounds of 147g winchester and not a single malfuntion. great so far. so.....what upgrades do you guys suggest if any?
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I'd like to echo the congratulations on your new FNX. I'm looking forward to making 2015 my year for an FNX-9. You asked about upgrades--did you get the night sights?
no sir. no night sights. it was the last fnx they had in stock.
Night sights and a major upgrade to your round count!! :) I have the 40 - I didnt care for the feel of the square pyramid grip texture of the backstrap so I use the ribbed one. Feels much more comfortable and doesnt imbed itself in your hand. Have not glued it in yet tho.
Congrats, I have the FNX 45 and plan on adding a stainless FNX 9 in 2015 lol. The really feel good and are smooth shooters. Good luck with yours.
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