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FOR SALE: FNS-9 Night Sights, Trigger Job, PROVEN gun MINT condition + ammo!

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Hi guys,

You can call me crazy for selling my FNS9 that I have bragged about on here but I think im going to switch it out for an FNX45 Tac since I sold all my other guns that were suppressor hosts. Anyways heres the quick rundown on the gun.... Shipping is NO PROBLEM, Gun is coming from Pittsburgh PA, $20 conus, hawaii and alaska 30$ I take discrete paypal or money order.

-ABSOLUTELY MINT CONDITION***** If it was in a gun show case at a shop you'd swear on your grandmas china collection that it was NEW, no scratches, chips, marks, etc etc.
-Every inside of the gun is polished
-Gun was meticulously broken in over 50rds and cleaned 5x in the process, all serfaces are mated perfectly with zero slop. (if you dont believe in barrel break in, either you dont shoot very far or tight to notice a difference, sorry...)
-Gun ran with a mix of wilson combat lubes and synthetic greases that I will tell you what, how and how frequntly to preform to keep it running on the level it is for me.
-Triggerjob to an absolutely BUTTER smooth pull and crisp as cracking an alaskian snow crab leg open, weight is 4.7-4.9lbs vs 7ish stock
-Custom tuned recoil spring that shoots a softer and flatter recoil impulse
-Not a single failure to feed fire eject, accuracy issue or anything NOT ONCE
-Every item that comes with the box, manuals mags etc
-Comes with 300rds of 147gr flat nose AE that it LOVES. Accuracy pic is 10mph wind shot with that ammo iron sights at 125yrds (notice the minimal horizontal spread!!!!)
-I also have 1000rds of its other favorite ammo available ONLY to the buyer of the gun for $260 shipped
-I have just concluded testing with the "ATOMIC 124 +P bonded match hp" and it passed my tests for long range accuracy and had no feed isues in 150rds of testing, I have a remaining 35rds or so I can sell with it for 20$ extra if your interested.

Gun has not just a great reliability record but a PERFECT one, Shoots unfrickenbelieveable, trigger is awesome, and it looks like brand new! (its a 2mo old gun btw)

****PLEASE do yourself a favor and pick up your phone and shoot me a text 412.400.6900 Eric (reception is horrible on my farm) and lets chat about how we can improve your love life with my tuned FNS-9!

Here are some pics and a link to just one video of some shooting.....

Youtube vid
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Whoops, I hit enter and it chopped off my line about price. I only want to eek $600 out of it with the ammo shown in pic. 250 shipped for the other 1000rds I have if BUYER ONLY wants it.
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