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OK, here's the dealio. A few years ago, I sent my SCAR 16S barrel to Marvin for shortening & had a MITER mount permanently affixed.

Fast forward to now, when kewl stuff like the MI, KDG, & Handl forends are available & a viable option for those of us melting our fingertips on the friggin gas block. Since the Handl short is the only forend that'll work on my 16S (& is prohibitively expensive,) I'm considering sending Marvin the barrel back to have the MITER removed & a Trifecta or ASR put on in its place.

My question is: is it worth spending the $ to have the muzzle devices swapped, or should I just hold out for a shorter (& maybe even cheaper) forend? I'm on the fence about this & have been for awhile. I've also been running Jarod's most excellent keymod replacement sides & bottoms on both my SCARs, but would really like to ergonomically lengthen the useable space on the front ends.

Oh, & I've obviously got both cans. The Saker is a 7.62, but I've both endcaps for it.

Thanks in advance for any & all opinions...
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