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1. If you are not a forum sponsor - please do not try to advertise your product(s) for free as a vendor. If you wish to become a sponsor and advertise - PM Therm.

Private members selling their items ARE allowed provided they are not running a business doing so.

2. DO NOT post non-shooting/non-firearms related merchandise - this is not a flea market.

3. If you do post firearms - please disclose make, model, year, photo, location, condition etc. ALL Federal laws must be followed and abided by. No warranty or responsibility is provided by this forum for items sold.

4. Once it has been sold - please update the thread and mark it *SOLD* - PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE ORIGINAL AD AFTER THE ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD. ONLY mark it as "sold." This rule is in place to protect both the seller and buyer should a problem arise with the transaction. A secondary reason is that it helps others to know what the "going rate" is for a particular item.

5. Posts of nefarious content and/or not adhering to the above will be promptly deleted.

6. No posting of anything illegal.

7. Do not link to an ad you posted on another site. If you want to place a for sale ad on our site, you can at least "type out" or "paste in" the full text of your ad. This also includes photos (don't take the shortcut and say, "more info can be found in my ad located here" - and then post another link)

8.No linkage to sales on Gunbroker, EBAY or other auction boards. If you want to sell your item, post a legitimate post with all details.

9. Please DO NOT respond to someone's ad and tell them that they are charging too much, or that "such and such item" can be found cheaper at "xxxxx". Send a Private Message to the seller if you want to alert them to an issue concerning their item and/or the price. Such posts/responses will be deleted immediately. And, don't try to use the excuse that you are "just trying to look out for others." - People will know if something is out of the ordinary, and a seller asking for too much will soon figure out what the problem is.

This rule also extends to ANY negative comments on someone's for sale ad - about a person's for sale ad. PM them (or an admin) if you have something negative to say. Don't post it on the thread with their ad.

10. Bumps by the seller are allowed, but please wait at least 48 hours to "bump" the thread. Bumps are allowed by other members, however.

11. We currently do not have a minimum number of posts needed to sell an item. However, please DO NOT only use this site to sell an item and then never come back.

12. No PANHANDLING (Requests for money, paypal, or goods and services for free).

13. It violates the spirit of the for sale section if you accept a deal for purchase (for an item), and then later you cancel that "deal" because you received a better offer.

Reports of such behavior will get you removed from this website.

10 easy steps on HOW TO POST PICS:
Pictures are mandatory, so learn this!!
It takes 2 minutes to setup and 2 minutes to post. It works on almost all forums.

1.) Go here http://photobucket.com/ (IT IS FREE)
2.) Click "sign up" Top right, and enter the info and once your account is setup log in (you may have to activate through an email)
3.) Put your picture on your CPU "desktop" as it is the best place to quickly find it (you may move it later)
4.) Click green upload button (Top / Middle)
5.) Click green "select photos and videos" in the middle of the page
6.) In the Popup screen, locate your picture on your computer to be uploaded. If you put it on your desktop like advised, click the desktop button (depending on what version of windows you have).
7.) Wait 5 seconds until it is uploaded (bigger photos take longer),
8.) Click the blue "save and continue to my album(located right side middle of page) Your album page should popup shortly
9.) Locate your photo in your album page, but don't click it. Hover your mouse over the desired pic and a box will appear. Go to IMG CODE and left click it (you have just copied it).
10.) Right click here on your ad where you want your pic to be placed and choose paste.

That’s it!! Practice makes perfect (just like the range)
You may want to go back and check your privacy settings or others will be able view your albums on Photo bucket (Naked wife pics, cross-dressing, or other naughty stuff)
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