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FORUM RULES! Welcome to the premiere site for FN brand weapon information.

We pride ourselves on having a friendly and smooth running site. Our main rule is... You must be civil. No personal attacks or trolling.

FNForum.net is a private forum open to the public for membership under the membership rules. Membership is a privilege, not a right. As such, your membership can be removed from the forum at the discretion of the Moderators or Administrators at any time for violation of the rules. As a new member you are one step above a guest and on your way to becoming a full fledged member. You are under a probationary period until your 50th post or 30 days, whichever is longer. Please treat everyone with respect.

The rules here are simple.

1. You are free to express your opinion. This is not a "fan" site hence you will not be banned if you have an opinion about any weapon, any manufacturer or any accessory. However, if/when you have something negative to say - please explain why and give examples.

2. Please do not be ignorant or use foul language. No trolling for confrontations with other members or with site administrators and moderators! ABSOLUTELY no racism or hate speech will be tolerated. Members violating any portion of this rule may be banned immediately without warning.

3. If you have made posts on other forums you are welcome to reproduce the information here. You may copy the post from the other forum to your post.

4. National Firearms Act - One of the main topics NOT allowed on FNForum.net is one of converting any FN firearm or any other semi automatic firearm into a fully automatic firearm or any discussions that would result in the violation of the National Firearms Act (NFA). Any posts regarding these topics will be immediately deleted and the offending member will receive an infraction. If the member does so again, they will be removed from the site and receive a lifetime ban. Member solicitation to violate State Firearm laws or Federal NFA laws, rules, statutes or posted signs - either by ignorance or willful act will be banned with extreme prejudice - WITHOUT WARNING permanently. Holders of FFL are not permitted to solicit the purchase or sale of any gun related item(s) that are prohibited to own/sell/buy in their state by a civilian. Any such action will be reported to the BATFE along with the user IP.

5. No commercial advertisements (selling products) unless you become a sponsor first. It isn't fair for FNForum to allow a vendor to sell their goods without first becoming a sponsor when other companies/sponsors have paid for the privilege to advertise here. However, PERSONAL classifieds from members are allowed in the appropriate Market Place areas of the site as long as you are not a vendor and it is your personal property you are selling. All NFA rules/firearm transfer laws apply. You must comply with the Market Place Rules posted HERE.

6. No disparaging remarks about any other Internet Gun Forum. Any such negative remarks will be deleted.

Under no circumstance are any members allowed to use signatures/avatars of theirs or other businesses that are engaged in selling or offering services in the firearms industry UNLESS THEY ARE A FORUM SPONSOR. This includes guns, ammunition, apparel and ANY accessory. No internet links are authorized in the signature panel to promote self advertising, ie, you may not have a internet link to a site that promotes your business. Only sponsors are authorized to hotlink directly to their storefronts.

8. AVATARS - Inappropriate or overly large avatars and signature pictures can and will be deleted/re-sized if necessary. Please keep your AVATAR size in the 125x135 range. If your Avatar is too large it disrupts the format of the threads. If your Avatar is missing, it is because it is too large. You may re-size it and re-upload it. If Moderators or Administrators find your Avatar in poor taste, you will get a PM explaining why and the Avatar will be removed. Moderators will remove any Avatars that do not comply with the above.

9. (Rescinded Jan 25, 2021)

10. Any member caught using web proxy will be summarily removed from the forum. Using a web proxy is slow and hides the posters true identity (cannot be traced back). This is done for one reason and one reason only - to cause trouble.

11. Users can have only ONE screen name. Multiple screen names tracked back to the same person will have their accounts suspended. Membership is one person with one account with one screen name. Multiple users under a single screen name will be removed from the forum and banned permanently. Multiple memberships by a single user will be removed and the offending party will be banned permanently. Due to the recent proliferation of members using multiple screen names, your IP address MUST match the state that you are living in (this is only an issue if you are using a proxy, or lying about your location in order to have multiple IDs). Finally, be aware that if your buddy posts from your computer - both of you will be suspended (as it will appear that you have multiple ID's, and we have no way to assure the truth).

12. Do not expect to have your membership approved if you list your membership forum name as "part time hit-man" or other questionable content. You may not use a business name as your forum name and hot link your name to a web site, ie, "FirearmsSales.com".

13. It should be noted that all posts here are done so in the public domain. Once you make a statement here - it is almost the same as if you shouted it out on a street corner. It is in the public domain. Therefore - when one chooses to leave our forum or is banned (for violating the rules), requests to "delete all of your previous posts" will not be entertained. Threatening to sue will do no good as well, as you would have no legal basis to do so. If you are worried about the content of your posts - you shouldn't have made the posts to begin with.

14. Messages discussing illegal/illicit drug use will not be allowed (this should be obvious). This rule will be strictly interpreted by the Administrators and Moderators of this site. Action taken pursuant the violation of this rule is not up for debate. This is a weapon website first and foremost. Such activity does not belong here.

15. Membership is a privilege and new members are considered on a probationary status until 50 substantive postings are made or 30 days have passed. During this period, new members may be banned by Administrators or Moderators at their discretion. Members no longer on probationary status are subject to a temporary or permanent ban for violation of any of the published rules.

16. It is STRONGLY advised that FNForum sponsors conduct discussions in their own sub-forum unless asked a question outside their respective jurisdiction. Sponsors control their own sub-forum and thus have complete latitude in moderating and starting threads. Any FNForum sponsor has the latitude to defend/comment on their product under the appropriate FNForum rules of conduct - in any of the FNForum's forums rooms, should they feel the need to do so. FNF sponsors represent their company, their product and to some extent, FNForum. Should their reputation be attacked on FNForum by a member, please bring this matter to the attention of any one of FNForum moderators rather than engaging the offending party. This is not a rule, rather a recommendation.

17. Banned members may have their IP address made public in service to protect other forums and forum members. IP address of posters is in the public domain.

18. If it is in the opinion of FNForum moderators and/or members that forum member(s) is/are dangerous or may become dangerous, FNForum reserves the right to publicize any and all information such offending party may have voluntarily provided to FNForum to the appropriate authorities, or as needed.

19. Copy of News Articles - Under no circumstance is it allowed on FNForum to copy entire article from another internet source verbatim and post it here. The allowed format is to summarize the story in the Original Posters' (OPs) own words or at most, copy the first sentence or two - and then provide a link to the original story AND state the authoring body. Failure to do so will result in the deletion of posted article. Copyrighted material is protected and must receive proper citation. A link to the copyrighted source in the relevant post is sufficient for proper citation.

20. Sale of items outside USA - no party is allowed to offer to sell, deliver or trade any firearm or firearm related item (i.e. magazines, scopes, lasers, red dots, green dots, night vision, etc) outside the 50 United States of America in violation of any Federal export statutes. No buyer shall solicit the purchase of any firearm or firearm related item to be delivered outside the USA. Violators of this rule will be reported to the appropriate federal agency that has jurisdiction in these matters.

21. Documenting problems with firearms: Any thread that deals with firearms problems or issues reported by members will be deleted if it does not contain the following information:
a. Model​
b. Ammunition Used​
c. Magazine Used​
d. State & City where occurrence happened​
e. Store bought from (if person indicate private party)​
f. Used or New​
g. Approximate round count when problem arose​
h. photo of problem (if possible)​
i. Reported to FN (yes/no)​
j. Date/time of occurrence​
This rule exists for the sole purpose of deterring trolls and to give credence and validity to each and every problem with a firearm. It will also assist senior members in diagnosing the problem(s) for resolution. It is to your benefit to provide as much information as possible for problem resolution. A picture showing the problem is often worth a thousand words​

22. The use of the FNH Logo as Avatars are reserved for FNH Company officials and FNH Company Sponsors only.

23. FNForum Market Place is for the membership use for the sale, trade, want to buy, or other Market Place activities for the benefit of the membership. There are additional rules for posting in the Market Place stickies and members are advised that violation of the Market Place rules by members will result in infractions being given. Infractions are cumulative over time with set expiration dates. Multiple infractions within a certain time period can result in a temporary ban or membership removal from the forum. Market Place rules can be found HERE.

24. Infractions - Infractions are issued for violation of the rules and are at the sole discretion of the Administrators or Moderators. Infractions are based on a cumulative point system and can result in a temporary or permanent ban. Infractions have a set expiration date. Severe infractions will result in an immediate automatic banning of the member, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Some infraction samplings are:
Inappropriate behavior​
Inappropriate language​
Inappropriate content​
Inappropriate advertising/spam​
Thread hijacking​
Market Place Violations​
Useless Drivel Posting or Trolling​
Insulting/Flaming Other Members (Personal Attacks)​
Non-vendor Advertising​
25. Members can report rule violations by clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner of the offending post and selecting the REPORT link. This will bring you to a "Report Post" window.

Legal Disclaimer - MUST read:

FNForum.net (known as "FNF" or "Web site" or "Forum" ) owned and operated by Forum Foundry, Inc. does not represent, warrant or endorse the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of any of the information, content or advertisements (collectively, the "Materials") contained on, distributed through, or linked, downloaded or accessed from this Web site (the "Service"), nor any vendor listed on this Web site or the quality of any products, services, information or other materials displayed, purchased or obtained by you as a result of an advertisement or any other information or offer in connection with the Service (the "Products"). It is the sole responsibility of the person using this Web site to make independent investigation of the quality, value and all other aspects relating to the listed vendors, and the Products and Services provided by such vendors. FNF will not be liable for any loss, damage or time delays incurred as a result of any interaction, communication, order or purchase between you and any of the vendors contained in this Web site. All matters, including, but not limited to, delivery of any Products, returns and warranties are solely between you and the vendors contained in this Web site. You hereby acknowledge that any reliance upon any Materials shall be at your sole risk.

1. Opinions expressed herein by FNF members are the sole responsibility of the Originating Poster. FNForum, moderators, sponsors, Forum Foundry, Inc., its owners and employees do not endorse, warrant, merit, support, encourage or promote any and all statements or content published on FNForum.net.

2. FNForum members agree to protect, defend, indemnify and safe FNForum, it's owners, moderators and sponsors harmless from against all claims without regard to the cause or causes thereof including libel, slander, defamation and material, financial, physical or mental damage of any party or parties, arising in connection herewith.


4. FNForum, its administrators and/or moderators reserves the right to remove any member for any reason or no reason at all.

5. All National Firearm Act (NFA) rules apply. Please use common sense and do not discuss "How To" subjects that may compromise this site or yourself in particular. Discussion, sale or references to material that would otherwise violate NFA rules are strictly forbidden and the content and the offending party will be removed.

6. By registering on FNForum.net, members agree and willfully subject themselves to the rules enumerated above and agree to and will adhere by the legal disclaimer without exception.
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