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this is a public notice to Magazine Parts and Critical Dimensions. These two parties have laundered their dirty laundry on this forum last year. I have asked them to stop that practice. Once again, we find our selves embroiled in she said/ he said ... and mud slinging.

The last salvo was fired by Magazine Parts when a forum member asked about the difference of a product that Magazine Parts manufactures. I believe that it is OK to enumerate what sets ones product apart from others, without having to use that opportunity to slander other forum sponsors, whether it be justified or not.

On the other hand, I have noticed a trend of attempted subtrefuge against Magazine Parts by various forum members that had no prior history of posts other than to immediately try to decapitate Magazine Parts. This is the only reason MP is still with us.

I will not spend the time to track down IP addresses and ascertain who's doing what. I have deleted the entire thread instead.

Majority of our sponsors are exemplary customers of this forum and we appreciate their presence and contributions - it's what makes this forum a great place. If any of you have problems with one another, please take it OUTSIDE - so to speak.

This is truly a final warning to Magazine Parts and Critical Dimensions. I feel that both sponsors have great products that make a contribution to this forum and Ship and I have bent over backwards to the point of being absurd in trying to mitigate this childish behavior.

If you feel that you(MP & CD) have been wronged, you are welcome to leave at any time and your advertisments will be removed. Just send me a PM, you will be removed without prejudice.

Any further mention of MP and CD by one another and you will be removed, without any further discussions or mitigation.

Ship has been diligent in ascertaining my permission to conduct and bring to my attention any behavior by any member or sponsor in violating our rules. From now on, I give Ship the broad and sweeping power to immediately delete ANY post by any party and ban their access to this forum immediately.

I trust that this is the last time I have to intervene in regards to this subject matter.


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