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OK, I've seen it, so I know it exists.. but where do you buy it?

Basicly, the stock forward grip is replaced with one that looks quite similar to the design of the PS90.. it leaves the FS2000 open from the trigger to the forward grip.

Second part of this would be if they, meaning FNH came out with a laser/light setup for this rifle that had the one used on the PS90, and added a light into the mix if possible...

Light, laser and the pad to activate them that can be retrofitted into the FS2000 frame.. (And use the space under the hammer group for the battery pack.. LOL) Sure, I have no demands..

I have since seen the Monolith deal. And it must be the one I've seen photos.. (And I see a few people have designed, and made their own setups here as well..)

What would be very nice, is a "monolith" with the PS90 Laser in the front, and the "pad" switch built into the monolith handle.. (recessed, not just a stick on pad switch..) And a light option, with another seperate recessed switch.

Wonder how hard it would be to modify the stock fore grip into this setup? Cap switch and surefire light.. radio shack or other momentary switch with a rubber seal/cap for the light, and one for the laser, also "installed" into the front grip.. Deal would be to aim the dang laser.. The hole is either right on, or it's off, and I'd have to adjust it for being accurate...

Come to think of it.. someone makes a light with a laser built into it now don't they? Time to do some searching.. :) :) That would be an easy fix for sure.. Especially if the laser is adjustable inside the lamp.
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