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:grin: Hey guys, I figured this was worth a heads up for all......
I've been seeing these on ebay, but they have hit the streets....
counterfeit high dollar scopes.....They're similar in m.o. to the ladies designer purse scams and such that have been around.
I was at the gun show in my area this weekend...and bingo...there were two booths that had Elcan, Acog, Eotech, Aimpoint, and Streamlight sights for sale for pennies on the dollar...new in box.
I knew what the deal was immediately....that's my business....
One vendor actually called them 'replicas', while the other said all scopes were made overseas now in the first place and these were a real good deal he got from the factories in china due to 'blemishes' .
Can you imagine getting a new Elcan or Acog for $125 or an eotech for $115 ?
Stand alone, both the item and packaging look real good....next to the genuine article the difference is very apparent.

It's against federal law to import AND sell these items, and Customs will be paying these fellows a visit this week at their homes.

But anyone that buys one of these will wind up with something that usually nukes itself internally after a few shots are fired. They are ultra cheap internally and don't hold up to use. I know a couple of guys that have learned the hard way.

Thought I'd pass this along.....I doubt if anyone on the forum has money to throw away on junk! 8)

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How do you tell?

Because I am in the Market right now, and you named two of the scopes that I prefer, the Eotech and Elcan, how do you tell the differencee? I did see what they called a Elcon Clone at a Houston show, But I didnt see how it was boxed, I assumed it was boxed under someone elses name. And your right, I usually get a card from whom ever I purchase from and If I found out that I was delibertly taken advantage of, well i wouldnt be happy and I do have a vehicle. :twisted:

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The fake EOtechs come in a bunch of strange colors, but they do not say EOtech on the box or on the device. They also are just a standard red dot - they do not have the EOtech reticle.

Go ahead and buy an Eotech from any legitimate vendor. You'll be fine. Just get the Eotech box and all the paperwork.

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yeah i see this at every gun show

unfortunately what happens is chinese companies manage to get a hold of these things, as well as weapons mounting systems reverse engineer them and turn them into a believable pile of crap

fake arms rails are extremely common and so well reproduced that its extremely hard to tell the difference unless you have a real one next to it

the only difference is the ARMS logo is painted on instead of etched

also unfortunately theres nothing anyone can do about these dealers selling junk for good product


good info.. everyone keep your eyes open
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