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Front sight BUIS latch - switch to right side

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I'm running a WMLx on a Thorntail offset, and I can't engage the latch to push down the front sight.
Ideally - is switch it to the right side, with no obstruction.

I've searched, and no dice. Any one do this, or know where I can find instructions?

thanks in advance!!
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For clarity - it looks like I could jump in there and do it - but I really, really don't feel like being without a front sight for awhile.

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As new to the platform - I was assuming I would be able to swap the latch/lever.
I'd like to, but since it sounds so foreign, maybe you can't.

If not possible, I'll have the option of simply taking off the WML when needed.

Or just leave the sight up.
Yup. This is my plan - since these will be down and remain down. Once I get the RDS on, these will only pop up if and when the RDS goes down. The lever is easily accessible to throw up, just not down with the light.

So...once up, they stay up! ;)
Have you tried moving the thorntail to the side rail?
Yeah...I tried the whole damn clock! Where it currently lives (10:30-11:00) is perfect for my grip. It's awesome, it would just be more awesomer if I could easily swap the lever. But honestly gents - thanks for all the ideas. Really, when I get my RDS...this thing will be down 100% of the time. The only time I'd pop this is up is for backup, and if that is the case, it will be staying up!

No need for another BUIS, or an extended rail - just for a BUIS.

Thanks again for all your input - now I just need to shoot the damn thing!
I'll be taking her out tmw night, and I can't wait to feel this "rocking" or swaying SCAR RECOIL.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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