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How I solved MY aging eyes front sight issue

I'm almost 52 years old and I use progressive bi-focals. I used to turn them upside down at my indoor range so I could focus on the front sights of my pistols. This got to be a pain so I called my optometrist and told him "I target shoot as a hobby and I can't achieve focus on my front sights when I go to the range. Could I discretely bring in my (unloaded of couse) gun and tune up a prescription for a pair of polycarbonate shooting ONLY glasses." Result? I now keep my range glasses in the bag & front sight is sharp as a tack.
These also work pretty well for "computer screen glasses" btw

There's a series of articles written by an optometrist who does bullseye competition that I recommend giving to "your" Dr.
Check right side of this page http://www.bullseyepistol.com/index.htm for articles by Dr. Norman Wong (I printed em all and dropped them off 1 week before my appt) My Doctor really enjoyed the writings, spent a lot of time with me and LOVED the P220 I brought along. I invited him to go shooting sometime.. :)

BTW I took my P220 AND the G19 and we found I had a subtle difference in the ideal power for my dominant eye on the G19 vrs the 220! Interesting that depth of field/focus didn't cover that but they were different. I went with the 220 Rx but he offered me a clipon that would adjust only the Rt. eye to the G19 ideal. I declined as it wasn't SO bad tht I wanted to spend the added lens $$.. It was a great experience and I can SEE that front sight!! Best of luck
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