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Frozen firing pin safety

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I picked up a used FNP9 on Friday from Gander Mountian on Friday. Got around today to tearing it down and noticed the firing pin safety is stuck in the up position, the gun was in great shape, built in 2007, looks like it was fired very little, but wasn't cleaned before it was fired the first time due to the heavy grease residue on the slide rails and in the extractor hole like most of my guns when they came from the factory. I have the rear of the slide soaking in a jar of kroil right now, just enough to cover the safety so hopefully it will be released in the morning. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem before. Thanks in advance.
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The only issues that I've heard people having with them is when they change the sights. Sometimes the spring gets kinked up when the sights are reinstalled.
The kroil bath did not free it up last night so I made a pusher and removed the rear sight, the spring came right out but I had to flip the slide and tap the safety a few times with a brass punch to get it to drop out. It was pretty nasty when it came out, combination of grease, dirt, and a little corrosion. cleaned everything with cleaner and a brush, the buffed and polished the safety and everythign is working as new now.

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Wow, yeah, that is pretty dirty. Wonder if that was FrogLube in there.
Not really sure exactly what it was in there, all I can say is it isn't here anymore! Like I said earlier, I'm assuming it is a mixture of the oil the gun was sent out with, a little corrosion, and residue from being shot and not properly cleaned beforehand. The gun has been shot, but the mill lines are still on the bottom of the slide where the hammer rides while the slide is moving are still visible and raised in the center, so I'm assuming it was not shot very much. My kimber that I carry on a daily basis has around 850 rounds through it and those marks were long gone after 3-400 rounds, granted they were not as visible when it was new either.
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