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Has been fired about 1200 rds and has some holster wear, but functions like new.
includes case, orginal 3 mags, manual, Bladetech holster and 300 rds ss195...withdrawn
Have more ammo, Custom Dillon 550 shellplate, redding dies and mags available after gun is sold
email for Pics
Due to overwhelming response, please note the following:
1. I will not sell you a gun in state if you are not a resident of my state. 2. I dont care if you have an out of state CHL.
3. I am not interested in involving my dealer to sent it to your dealer out of state unless you want to pay for the needless extra cost.
4. Please do not "inform" me of what I "can" do if it involves violation of state and federal law.
5. Just because you can meet me in 3 hours to pay in full, does not mean we can skip the legal issues.

Gun is withdrawn from sale
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