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Well, of course once I finally obtained this guy a family emergency is forcing me to let him go:

Five-seveN ODG

You guys don’t need me to tell you what this is. I purchased it used (although it doesn’t look very used). It appears hardly shot through and I myself have not even fired anything through it yet. My painful loss is yur gain.

Comes with the case, 3 x 20 round magazines, and the pistol.

53177C81-6777-4CBB-896B-405B40E642A9.jpg 5026124A-0861-44CB-B476-DF3830ED4AB3.jpg

2BE92F6B-F54A-4E4F-96B7-4C141E40A3A8.jpg 2BFDFCB8-961A-486F-9840-43034EBF4021.jpg

This is located in Dayton, OH.

I have this cross-listed on GunBroker but am asking here for $1500.00 (paid via “friends & family” through PayPal, or add I can add 3% for “goods & services”) plus shipping ($30).
A Five-seveN ODG listing sold there earlier this week for over $1600.00.

I accept Paypal only. If you wish to purchase, send me a PM and include your PayPal email address. I will send to you an RFF. Do not mention FN or Five-seveN or gun or firearm or anything related to guns or ammo in any correspondence between us through Paypal.

Thanks and I hope this guy goes to a great home.

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