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FS in TX: 16in FN PS90 barrel and shroud

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Howdy all,

For sale is a PS90 barrel and shroud. I recently SBR'd my PS90 and used a CMMG barrel, so the old barrel is up for sale! This was not a professional job, but it went really well. I dare say a professional could not have done much better!

I don't know the round count as I am the second owner, but the rifling is strong and I've only put about 500 rounds through it myself.

I'm asking $150 shipped to your door in the lower 48. Prefer paypal or USPS money order.

Now for pictures! Sorry about the (lack of) quality.

Shroud and barrel:

The blind pin slot:

Rifling (I really struggled to get this picture, I'm not happy with the end result as the bore is bright and shiny, but this is the best I could do):

Slight scuffs on the shroud, the only damage that resulted from removing the barrel:

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