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FS in TX - Bryan/College Station area (I'm not that far from Houston, for any potential Houston buyers who wanna meet up!):

One FN PS90 Carbine with Gen 2 trigger pack!! Includes USG factory optic (blacked ring sight). I am selling it because I bought another 5.56 rifle today.

I kid you not when I say it has EXACTLY 200 rounds fired thru it. I previously had an older PS90, and that was the one I tended to shoot. I fired it on the following days (all you guys who give me trouble for tracking all my rounds - see, I can document it :p ):

09-22-10 100 Rounds (all 197)
08-03-11 040 Rounds (all 197)
05-11-13 040 Rounds (all 197)
01-11-14 020 Rounds (all 197)

TOTAL 200 Rounds fired

PS90 comes with one Factory 50 round Magazine. I have 40 rounds of ammo I will include with the weapon.

- The gun also comes with a set of attached aluminum side picatinny rails.
- AND, also included is a set of XSE Enlarged cocking handles . This makes the gun much, much easier to charge over the factory handles!

The handles and two side rails are worth over $100 together. Original box is also included!

The Urban ERT sling (best PS90 sling there is) and attachment pieces are not included - But can be purchased for an additional $30. (plus shipping if someone else wants to buy the sling). The sling is $61 new + shipping - so, that is a good deal!

Gun has a tiny mark on the top of the optic - it came that way when it arrived from Bud's and I took it out of the box. It almost looks like someone pulled a piece of tape off of the optic and it just barely marred the finish.

(Photos below)

My price is $1600. Face to face sales only! With the included side rails and charging handles, with only 200 rounds fired, this is a great deal for a Gen 2 model.

Please email me at [email protected] and the first "I'll take it" with an exchange of information gets it.

I also have the following items for sale. I can include them with a sale of the weapon, or sell them separately for anyone interested:

- One Urban ERT sling with 2 attachment points - $30 (plus shipping). The attachment points are pictured in the photo.

- One PS90 Sight Tool - $20 (plus shipping)

- 9 PS90 Magazines - $20 each (plus shipping). Honestly, each one only had a few rounds fired thru them just to make sure they worked fine. Most of this use was donw on my first PS90 that I sold over a year ago. So, likely 20-30 rounds fired thru each.

- 3 NEW PS90 Magazines (1 of these in original box). These have never been used. $22 (plus shipping)

- 2300 Rounds of FN 195 Factory Ammo. $25 per box. This was stored in my safe, in a climate controlled environment with a dehumidifier inside.

- 2 NeoArms Magazine Cap Covers. These are rubber covers that can be placed on the feeding area of the magazine to protect them. These are no longer available from the manufacturer. $10 for the set (plus shipping)

- Pack of Three Elite Ammunition PS90 HD Mag Springs. These have a 20% increase over factory and higher grade of wire. These are $20 + shipping new. $10 (plus shipping). These have never been opened!

Pics below:

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