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many people have sent me PM's asking for directions on removing the Barrel on the FS2000 so here goes.

The first step is to remove the bolts that hold the two halvs of the upper on the barrel keep track of these and where they go because they are all diferent leingths and you dont want to mix them up. basicly the two halvs of the upper fit by interlocking together so after you remove the bolts you can use a dull thin edge (like a butter knife) to start to work the two halvs apart.

Refering to the picture I found it easiest to start prying at point A and work your way around to point B only open the gap about 1/4" if you pry to wide on this first pass you can snap something. once at point B start to work your way back along the edge where the side pannel meets the
top rail once you work your way all the way back to point A the side pannel should be able to wiggle off then the barrel can be puled out of its slot in the other half and the top rail can also be removed. If you have already removed the flash hider you can now force the pins holding the gas piston much like removing the front sight from an AR15. now you can remove the piston and your barrel is ready to modify.
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