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FS2000 or MSAR SSG556?

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After testing my friend's FS2000 for him for the past couple of weeks I find myself bitten w/the .223 bullpup bug (sigh...) However, I find enough small faults w/the FS2000 to make me wonder if the MSAR STG556 might not suit me better (although I haven't had the chance to try one yet).:thinking:
Given the following parameters, which would you choose and why?
1) Reliability
2) Ease of maintenance/cleaning
3) Perceived recoil & muzzle rise
4) Ruggedness/durability
5) Ease/speed on-target
6) Effectiveness of flash hider
7) Overall weight (not important if close enough to each other)

Not important:
1) Mag type (I don't own any AR mags)
2) Optics/rails options (both already suffice for my needs)
3) Total price (STG556 w/proprietary mags about = FS2K w/AR mags)

I've read through every FS2K & STG556 post I could find yet still couldn't find enough info to help me decide between the two. I've shot the FS2K and like the natural & excellent cheekweld, effective combo flash hider/muzzle brake, BUIS (crude though they may be) but don't care for the complexity of the bolt assy or the wide forend. Input, please! Thx!...
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