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My FS2000 has the safety sear. The serial number is 0064xx.

FNH-USA had no choice but to remove the safety sear due to a not-so-legal mod that were done by a couple of retards. Yes, those retards were caught doing that and they're now looking forward to a 10-year stay at Club Fed. Do NOT ask about how this mod was done. No such info will be given and such a mod will not be tolerated. The last thing we gun owners need is to give a reason for anti-gunners to further restrict our rights.

I referenced this on another forum and some jerk questioned it's veracity. Are there any cross references to document the story?..................DJ
yes - I would be curious to see this info. as well...

ETA - why is someone a jerk when they "questioned it's veracity" of a bit of information that I think FN owners should be aware of... there are a million ways to get in trouble, shoe strings, paperclips, you-name-it....
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