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fatcat said:
There talking about how the weapons are not as safe without the sear because of it fireing out of battery!? Any truth to this?
I think it was established by an FN employee in that thread that in the semi-auto guns, the forward (safety) sear doesn't really serve any purpose. The trigger pack has built-in features to prevent the rifle from firing out of battery. I can't check because ARFcom doesn't seem to be working for me right now.

If I recall correctly (and I may be wrong here), in semi, a different part ensures the hammer doesn't drop until the bolt engages into battery. In a full-auto gun, the forward sear is there because the safety that works in semi-mode is completely disengaged as to allow the hammer to drop reliably in a fast rate of fire. The forward safety then becomes necessary to prevent out-of-battery detonation in full-auto, only. It is purely vestigial in semi-only rifles, so FNH omitted it in later serials.

So you FS2K owners without the forward sear, you have nothing to worry about, safety-wise.

My rifle is a black model, #62xx, and it has the sear.
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