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FS2000 w/ Leupold and Larue setup

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Here's my take on things, I like the green stock but I had to look around to find one, the Leupold VXIII Illum. 1.5-5x20 in a LaRue SPR-1.5 mount was borrowed from an AR-15, maybe for good, the FS2K really didn't need the LaRue with so much rail, regular high (or extra high) rings would work, but it was already together, etc ... I also have an Aimpoint CompM2 to try but I really like that Leupold glass!

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abh3 said:
In response to Templar's question: Appalling accuracy... I took along the 'beater' AR left over parts carbine w/ 1:12 bbl and M68 sight on the carry-handle rail mount (not exactly a premium setup!) and it will shoot much better than this very elegant FS2000 with it's nice scope. The problems were as follows:
1) Operator error/familiarity. It was really tough for me to get a good steady mount on the weapon, while an AR snuggles into the bag (and me) no problem, so steadiness was compromised. Also, the AR has a sling to brace with offhand and the FS2000 has nothing (for now)... Balance offhand is also all new for me.
2) Trigger. This will be a steep learning curve for me and maybe the trigger itself will improve with use. The pull is long, through several stages and it seems to break when it wants, usually just before or after I expect. :-D
3) Ammo: I only had a handfull of 64gr ammo and it clearly like that over the 55gr...

We'll see as time goes on, I'll try to work on that trigger (lithium or silicone grease, graphite, dryfiring?) and the rest will likely become more familiar. I bought it for the 'gee whiz' factor but if I can't eventally get it under 2" with a Leupold on it then it's just an up-close gun and will get an Aimpoint or Eotech...
To improve the trigger pull some folks are trying out this new lube called Nanolube. Seems to work wonders from testimony on another forum. Check it out, it just might save you from further disappointment with your new rifle.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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