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FS2000 w/ Leupold and Larue setup

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Here's my take on things, I like the green stock but I had to look around to find one, the Leupold VXIII Illum. 1.5-5x20 in a LaRue SPR-1.5 mount was borrowed from an AR-15, maybe for good, the FS2K really didn't need the LaRue with so much rail, regular high (or extra high) rings would work, but it was already together, etc ... I also have an Aimpoint CompM2 to try but I really like that Leupold glass!

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I've bought a new scope for this rifle, and some extra high rings.. so soon will find out if I can get under 2" MOA groups at 100 yds..

The iron sights are OK for back up, but only for that in my view.. they are pretty minimal as this weapon is designed for some kind of optic sights like the EoTech, Aimpoint or Trijicon etc.

Just about bought this one.

Too much money, and this is no tack driver anyway..


This last one looked fun, and has an illuminated "T" post type reticle.. so what the heck, if I do not like it on the FS2K, I'll put it on something else.

The mounts are "tactical" ones that are plenty beefy for this platform.. LOL Heck with this scope and these mounts, it might start to weigh closer to what my M4 does before the 3x9x40 was put on that rifle.. (I think I'm going to move that scope to my .22, and put the fixed 4x40 on the AR.)

Anyway, I'll post up how well it works, and even throw a photo or two in as well..
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