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fnguy07 said:
I've been thinking about picking up a FS2000 for sometime now,

CDNN has them for just under $2,000 with a CMore sight and free shipping.

Are they worth that kind of $?

Why/Why Not?
I think that they only PROVIDE THE INFORMATION for the C-More sight, not the sight itself. You would have to do this on your own by submitting the paperwork to FN yourself.

Otherwise than that, $2000 seems to be around the going price. I have seen them available from $1800 to $2700 depending on where you go.

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Definitely worth the price, but hey, I'm biased. I own one.

However, after buying a PS90, if I had to choose between the two, I'd choose the PS90 for its tiny size and ergonomics and (in some states) the 50-round magazines.

I do love my FS2000 and consider it a bargain for the price.
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