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The Five Seven at my local Gander Mountain was already over priced just 3 weeks ago - $1099. Today, it is $1299!!!

That is $500 more than what I paid for mine thru Bud's. That's just ridiculous. Of course, several months ago, they wanted almost $2100 for a green PS90 at the Houston Gander Mountain.


They did have the new Walther PPS, though. I finally got to hold one. It was #94 of the first edition model. The trigger was lighter than I thought it would be. But, being a current owner of the P99 compact, I don't see the need to spend more money on this. It's got basically the same dimensions, it is just a tiny bit thinner. Gander, of course, wanted $799. But even if available in the $500-something price range, I wouldn't buy it, unless I NEEDED a small, compact. If placed in my cargo pants pocket, like I do with my P99c, the slight, slight difference in the thickness of the gun wouldn't matter.
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