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GemTech Suppressor

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OK, got my Form 1 for SBRing my PS90.

I bought the barrel and Gemtech Bi-lock Flash Hider from CCMG, Inc. CCMG does not sell suppressors due to their state law. I am about to have the short barrel and Bi-lock installed this week.

Looks like I would need to purchase the G5:


Looks like the Pennsylvania dealers are:

(sorted in order of location convenience)
Bear Paw Arms (Mt. Pleasant) (724) 547-5609
Freedom Armory (Shrewsbury) (717) 227-9060
JT's Guns & Ammo (Blakeslee) (570) 646-4764
Raymond Barnes (Allentown) (610) 261-5127
Smith Specialty Arms (Slatington) (610) 767-4670
Armament Services Intl., Inc. (Philadelphia) (215) 552-0050

I put in a call to David and Bear Paw and he seems pretty sharp. Cost is $900 (including tax) out the door. He prrepares the FORM 4 and other paperwork.

Everything look kosher?
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Email sent with a good PA C3 recommendation.
thanks man.
I know this is an older thread, however I just had my department order a G5 with bi-lock for my PS90 SBR. You ever get the G5 installed and get range time with it?

I am using SS190 now for duty, but looking at SB193 or Elite Ammunitions QuieTOR ammunition for situations where full suppression is needed (LE use).

Looking for input if you finished your install.
Good luck on the build!!! :?
Awesome-looking setup! :shock:

My only complaint is that it has been reported that you sometimes need a special tool, errr rock, to get it off.
Here's my SBR PS90 with Gemtech. I've not had any problems so far. The only thing that sucks is that you have to have something equal to welding gloves to take it off after a 50 magazine thru it, it gets HOT!! I'm using SS197 in it, so you can still hear the sonic pop and also the clang from the steel. I really should have shot it at the dirt so you could hear the weapon better. I'll try to get some better video as long as the weather holds. It was also pretty windy, so you can't hear me say that "This is a PS90, with Gemtech suppressor"


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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