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OK, got my Form 1 for SBRing my PS90.

I bought the barrel and Gemtech Bi-lock Flash Hider from CCMG, Inc. CCMG does not sell suppressors due to their state law. I am about to have the short barrel and Bi-lock installed this week.

Looks like I would need to purchase the G5:


Looks like the Pennsylvania dealers are:

(sorted in order of location convenience)
Bear Paw Arms (Mt. Pleasant) (724) 547-5609
Freedom Armory (Shrewsbury) (717) 227-9060
JT's Guns & Ammo (Blakeslee) (570) 646-4764
Raymond Barnes (Allentown) (610) 261-5127
Smith Specialty Arms (Slatington) (610) 767-4670
Armament Services Intl., Inc. (Philadelphia) (215) 552-0050

I put in a call to David and Bear Paw and he seems pretty sharp. Cost is $900 (including tax) out the door. He prrepares the FORM 4 and other paperwork.

Everything look kosher?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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