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Short summary: I like it. I paid $700 at Cabela's, which is about what I expected from them (they have higher prices than hardcore budget dealers). Pistol comes with 3 magazines.

2.3 oz lighter than Gen 4 G21 and G21SF (according to Glock), 2.83 oz lighter than Gen 3 G21. Recoil is not unpleasant and feels pretty soft by .45 standards. Slide is longer (obviously) and about a tenth of an inch thinner than the G21, which makes a difference in feel and handling. Grip is 2.5(ish)mm/.1 inch shorter reach to the trigger than standard G21 at the web, and 4mm(ish).15 inch shorter front-to-back at the "hump" at the bottom of the grip. This doesn't sound like a lot but makes a BIG difference in feel. Comes with 4 backstraps, medium and large in beavertail version, and medium and large in non-beavertail version. I don't plan on installing any of them because the grip as is is about as large as I can stand.

Trigger is similar to the G34/G35 competition versions, and the label says 4.5 pounds (I assume that refers to the connector weight or something). I measured 3 trigger pulls with a Lyman digital gauge and the G41 measured about 6 lbs 8 oz, while the Gen 3 G21 measured about 7 lbs 8 oz. The G41 feels noticeably better.

Full shooting comparison will come in part 2, but initial 130 rounds through the G41 were pleasant and fun. I was able to hit the steel relatively easy and quickly, though I did miss a few as you will note in the video. I'm not a fan of OEM Glock sights in any case (though I got the adjustable rear sight variant G41), and I imagine I'll put in an order with Dawson Precision pretty soon for good ones. I had one FTF on round 80, with crappy Tula ammo. 2nd round of Tula through the gun (the previous 6 magazines were brass-cased FMJ from WWB, Magtech, and PMC). Stuck on the feed ramp, and a light tug on the slide sent it home. The rest of that mag full of Tula and the following mag full of Tula fired without incident.

Part 2 will also include accuracy comparison with G21 if I can pull it off with any success, and shooting impression/comparison between G21/G41/1911/P220. And summary of first 500 rounds.
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